The fate and parts

The fate and parts, with the other person is different. REMEMBER: do not envy the fate of people, we attempted to go better.


Exams will not be released as long as we live, two things between good and bad in the opposite continues to follow us wherever located, what about us in the event it? ...

Utilizing Age

Age, no one knows when the end, only emulated 63 years, whether to like it or not? ... notice, utilize and fill with kindness is a must.

Be careful if it is successful

Still on success, else the existence of this, if we do our best not to be afraid of loss, success can not be separated from the losses and problems, but if we deal with and coordinated well, why not?

Life Success

Are you able to happily say, "Yes, I am now successful. Life is extraordinarily beautiful and everything was easy for me", or "I have the key to a successful life that I need"?
When you are sick, do you know how to be healed and healthy again? (and I'm not talking about medicine or doctors here).

Face Expression

Mirror a person with a chronology of cultural expression can be seen from his face, what he more happy, sad, amazed, excited, daydreaming, thinking about something, pain, shame, fear, courage, scampered, shocked, surprised and other expression.

Neat and orderly

Orderly in the store or order the goods

I accidentally pick up the theme of the blog this time on we have to order in store and organize things, with many jobs, busy affair, thinking about it and thinking about it, eventually head of headache, sore and does not karuhan, which ends all of a mess.

As we think, and we note with rubbish that there are streets, houses look dirty, so dirty car, at home no gift of the frivolous, with a wife or husband continued to fuss, do not get along with neighbors, and other things that make us irregular .

Utilize used goods

Utilize used goods that are considered not useful is a good thing and a new motivation, just contonyah vehicle: with the modern world would be a guidance in various fields, especially carpenters wrecks; She toured tirelessly every day, who lived only to eat children, wife and family, but if traced back even though they can live with what it is.

But look at the bosses fence used goods that are considered not worth taking, it turns out they are so producing the most money, from various sides in done.

Consequences Of Life

Consequences of life:
  1. Confidence almighty creator of the greatness of nature,
  2. science,
  3. experience,
  4. charitable deeds,
  5. skilled,
  6. wise,
  7. Keeping Unity Neighbor,
  8. Not envy the fate of a person,
  9. Arbitrarily in the act,
  10. think before acting,
  11. Imitate successful people are good,
  12. Imitating, copying and modifying the path should be good,
  13. Do not be prejudiced in others, prove that we could work.
  14. Learn from now, and start with the good,
  15. Learn from someone when he dies, what you proud of?
  16. Expand doing good to people.

Hopefully useful and success always for you!.

The Great Mystery Of Life

The great mystery of life often expected by everyone, but not all achieved, with this method let us look beyond what is noble and what is life, so we are not complacent in it.

Honor depends essentially on people look at, which briefly is because of something entrusted to excess is not the same with the others, well that could be considered excess above his dignity than people who do not have it at all,

Do you like yourself say there is an excess of others ?......

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